Don’t forget to deal with your property and other assets on Divorce. It is surprising the amount of clients that believe that once they have their Decree Absolute that’s all they need to consider and that all financial matters are concluded. Not so, look at the latest case in the news of Wyatt-v-Vince. 19 years after Decree Absolute the Wife brought a claim against her former Husband.  The Husband’s position had changed substantially in those years and he had a company with an estimated value of £57 million. The Supreme Court allowed the Wife’s Appeal against a strike out of her financial claims by the Husband and directed that her application could proceed in the Family Court. The Wife’s application resulted in a Final approved Order by Consent of £300,000 plus the Wife’s costs.

When it comes to considering your Divorce and Financial matters relating to your Divorce ensure that you have taken proper legal advice from a Family Law Specialist. If you haven’t entered into a Consent Order or concluded financial matters through a Court Order then you could be leaving yourself exposed to later claims.