Areas of Expertise

Divorce and Separation

We can provide you with advice and prepare your Divorce Petition

Provide you with advice on the Financial aspects of your dispute, advise on the best way forward in reaching a financial settlement. When agreement is reached we can draft and submit your application to court.

Child Law

We act for Parents of children

We can provide advice on your contact dispute – problems with children and living arrangements – Contact arrangement Orders

We can make your application to court and provide representation

Domestic Violence

If you are in need of an injunction against a family member or Partner, we can provide advice, prepare your application and provide your Advocacy/representation at Court.

Cohabitee Disputes

We can provide advice on Cohabitation Agreements prior to you setting up home. If all goes wrong and you end up in a dispute with your partner, we can provide you with clear advice and guidance on the next steps that you need to take.

Financial Matters/Ancillary Relief

We can provide you with advice and issue your Financial proceedings at Court. Where matters cannot be agreed or simply where your spouse has failed to provide you with full and frank disclosure, they you may need to commence proceedings.

We can help you with: –

  • Issuing your application
  • Preparing Form E, Chronology, Statement of Issue and Questionnaires
  • Submission of court documents
  • Advocacy/attending Court to represent you at your Hearing
  • Finalising any agreement with drafting a Consent Order
  • Submission of Forms to Pension companies where a Pension Sharing Order has been made by the Court

Separation Agreements

Where you may have decided that you do not wish to proceed with a Divorce at this point we can provide you with advice, assistance and implementation of a Separation Agreement in the interim.


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Cohabitation Agreements

Where you have decided to live with a partner and you are NOT married you should consider the legal implications of purchasing property with a partner and the issues if you come to separate.

Consider what would happen to your property should you decide to go your separate ways.

Did you place money into the property unequally or have you improved the property in some way which added to the value? Are you a registered owner or was this overlooked at the time of purchase of the property?

In some situations, one party may have little or no rights and only come to discover this when it is too late.

To ensure that your rights are protected at the outset of cohabitation you should consider establishing those rights and set this out in a Cohabitation Agreement.


Child Law –
Making Applications to Court

When a relationship comes to an end the implications can be even greater for the children of those parties separating.

We can provide you with clear structured advice on what to do next. We can discuss with you any areas of concern.

If the inevitable happens, you separate and matters cannot be agreed between you. We will prepare the necessary application to the Court and attend to represent you.

The sort of applications that the Court may have to consider: –

  • Prohibited Steps Order
  • Specific Issue Order – change of school, religion and change of name
  • Child Arrangement Order
  • Parental Responsibility Order
  • Emergency Orders
  • Schedule 1 Children Act Claim – Maintenance for ongoing care of a child including school fees


Sometimes Grandparents do get overlooked. Where Grandparents may wish to have contact with their grandchildren, they can seek to obtain leave (permission) of the Court to make their application.

We also act for Grandparents where an application for a Child Arrangement Order may be appropriate.

If you think you need advice, contact us today on 01803 861084.

Domestic Abuse –
Emergency Applications to Court

Domestic Abuse may take different forms. You may not realise that you are a victim of domestic abuse until a final incident. Domestic Abuse can be physical or emotional harm, to be in fear or fearful for your safety. If you think that you are a victim of Domestic Abuse, ensure that you seek help immediately.

We offer advice and can draft and submit an emergency application to Court to obtain an Injunction. This may be to remove a partner or spouse and prevent them returning to the matrimonial or jointly owned home.

We can help you with: –

  • Obtaining an Injunction
  • Practical advice to ensure your safety and the safety of any children of the family.
  • If we think you may qualify for legal aid, we will signpost you to a firm that can help you with a Legal Aid Application.